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Edge Damage Repair

Posted June 3, 2015
Written by Tom
ON June 16, 2014 AkroFire received approval from the FAA for the use of SPEED PATCH on cargo liner EDGE DAMAGE.  Please refer to the amended application instructions below:

AF800 Series Cargo Liner Repair Patch 
The AkroFire AF 800 Series Speed Patch is a fully self-adhesive patching system designed for the repair on punctures or tears to aircraft cargo liners. Repairs completed with AkroFire Speed Patch meet all flame-resistance requirements for FAR 25.855, Appendix F, Part III.
Damage Limitations:
A single AF 800 Series Speed Patch may be used to repair damage sizes in accordance with the installation instructions of the specific patch to be applied, including tears at the edges of the liner. Longer damage may be repaired with multiple patches using the overlapping procedure described below. Speed Patch may be used for the repair of all approved liners up to .090” thickness. 
Note: Speed Patch may be applied directly to Tedlar coated surfaces. Tedlar coatings, when present, need not be removed prior to application of Speed Patch.  
Application Instructions: 
6.       Clean the area to be repaired with an airline approved solvent if necessary. Speed Patch will not develop proper adhesion to surfaces which are dirty, oily, greasy, or wet. Typical solvents which may be used to clean surfaces include:  
               • MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)   • Isopropanol   • Acetone   • Trichloroethane 
2. Remove Speed Patch from the protective poly bag. 
3. Peel the patch assembly from the release card to expose the pressure sensitive adhesive.  
4. Observing damage overlap requirements, place Speed Patch over the damage and smooth down firmly.  Press down around the edges of the repair to insure a tight bond to the liner. Note: The Speed Patch must overlap the damage by a minimum of 1 ½”, and in the case of edge damage the Speed Patch should extend to the edge of the liner or be tucked under any adjacent metallic structure
5. The Repair is complete immediately after pressing the patch into place.  No cure time is required.  After completing the repair, dispose properly of all waste.  
6. Overlapping procedure for larger damage:  Multiple Speed Patches may be overlapped to repair damage of unlimited length by up to 1” wide.  Each patch must overlap the adjoining patch by a minimum of 1”.