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Repair Products

AkroFire has developed a range of repair products that maintain the fire integrity of key aircraft components. We’ve developed a reputation for solutions-oriented products, exceptional reliability and fast, on time delivery. The best testament of this is our loyal customer base and customer requests for AkroFire to develop solutions in other areas of need. Today, you’ll find numerous AkroFire products installed in aircraft all over the world.

Fire and Thermal Management

The AkroFire name has become synonymous with fire protection in the aerospace industry. We have been associated with the FAA Fire Worthiness Working Group since its inception and were appointed to the task force formed to analyze the insulation flammability issue. In addition, Akro has experience in developing and marketing cost-effective solutions to FAA Airworthiness Directives. In 1992, Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft required the development of a unique fire barrier to meet new FAA requirements. AkroFire and Boeing offered FAA approved solutions and the AkroFire solution was selected by most world airlines. This resulted in savings of millions of dollars for commercial airlines. More recently, AkroFire offered insulation kits for an FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) requiring replacement of metalized mylar insulation blankets on McDonnell Douglas aircraft. This product was the dominant solution for affected airlines worldwide. AkroFire’s knowledge of the aviation market and our expertise in FR technology make us an ideal provider of thermal acoustic insulation systems for both OEM’s and commercial airlines.

Composite Materials

AkroFire composites form part of the AkroFire range of products and services. The composite materials business has been developed as part of AkroFire’s commitment to fire and thermal management.

Applications for AkroFire Composite systems include:
• Firewalls
• APU components
• Pylon components
• High temperature ducting
• Engine nacelle components
• Heat shields
• High temperature / fire resistant enclosures
• Interior paneling and fascias
• Air distribution ducting
• Secondary structural components 

Aviation Carpet

AkroFire was formed to solve fire protection problems in the aerospace industry. In 1992, AkroFire formed a strategic partnership with Mohawk Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet. That partnership resulted in the development of AkroBak™, a patented carpet backing material for woven nylon carpet that meets Boeing and Airbus smoke and toxicity requirements. Today, Mohawk Industries is the industry leader in aircraft carpet, supplying every major commercial airline in the United States and many others throughout the world. Mohawk also manufactures high-quality, wool aircraft carpets.

Hazardous Material Packing Solutions

AkroFire has developed unique packaging materials that mitigate both fire and heat and provide the basis for advanced solutions for the safe transport of hazardous materials including Oxygen Cylinders and Oxygen Generators in accordance with the requirements of DOT HM224B. Lithium Batteries represent a unique shipping challenge to aviation. This challenge has been met with Akro’s unique multifunction packaging media that can contain a thermal runaway as well as protect Li Batteries and battery containing equipment from the effect of fire and heat.