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Composite Materials

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Akro composites form part of the AkroFire range of products and services. The composite materials business has been developed as part of Akro's commitment to fire and thermal management.

Composite applications include unique developed technology coupled with engineering services, allowing:

Applications for Akro Composite systems include: 

Proprietary Systems

AkroFire has developed a range of proprietary systems to meet the needs of fire resistance and high temperature composite applications. Using the technology as the basis, AkroFire is able to engineer, design and manufacture solutions to complex fire, thermal and acoustical problems.

Conventional Systems

Through our fire resistance / high temperature composite business, AkroFire has developed a wide skill base covering conventional composite materials and processes. Utilizing our various manufacturing options, AkroFire is able to provide a competitive, technically driven option to either build to print or build to design composite components.

Manufacturing Capabilities

AkroFire maintains facilities that provide a balanced level of engineering, manufacturing and technical support for both low volume and high volume composite product manufacture.