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Fire and Thermal Management

Akro Insulation Systems

Innovations in Insulation

The Akro name has become synonymous with fire protection in the aerospace industry. We have been associated with the FAA Fire Worthiness Working Group since its inception and were appointed to the task force formed to analyze the insulation flammability issue. In addition, Akro has experience in developing and marketing cost-effective solutions to FAA Airworthiness Directives. In 1992, Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft required the development of a unique fire barrier to meet new FAA requirements. Akro and Boeing offered FAA approved solutions and the Akro solution was selected by most world airlines. This resulted in savings of millions of dollars for commercial airlines. More recently, Akro offered insulation kits for an FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) requiring replacement of metalized mylar insulation blankets on McDonnell Douglas aircraft. This product was the dominant solution for affected airlines worldwide. Akro's knowledge of the aviation market and our expertise in FR technology make us an ideal provider of thermal acoustic insulation systems for both OEM's and commercial airlines.

Akro Specialized High Temperature Insulation Products

Akro specialized high temperature insulation products are primarily developed for the Aerospace Industry. Applications range from the thermal and fire protection of critical components in the engine, pylon and APU areas to the supply of complete thermal and acoustical airframe insulation.

Akro Insulation Raw Materials

Akro selects the highest quality suppliers of raw materials. In some instances, Akro works directly with the supplier to custom develop a material to best meet airline needs.