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Repair Products

AkroFire Repair Compounds

We've earned our wings with the airline industry. Akro manufacturers the Speed Patch®, the #1 choice of airlines worldwide for repair of cargo liners. We've developed a reputation for solutions-oriented products, exceptional reliability and fast, on time delivery. The best testament of this is our loyal customer base and customer requests for AkroFire to develop solutions in other areas of need. Today, you'll find numerous AkroFire products installed in aircraft all over the world.

AF200 Series Duct Repair

Overhead air distribution ducts on Boeing 727, 737, 757 and 767 aircraft are prone to failure resulting in "whistles" or leaks. Fortunately, there is a fast repair solution that meets FAA flammability requirements. That solution is AkroFire's Duct Repair Kit. The AF201 Duct Repair Kit provides enough adhesive and tape to repair the largest diameter duct, or may be used for multiple smaller repairs. Best of all, once the repair is affected the problem is solved – forever!

AF300 Cargo Liner Repair Kit

The AF 300 Series are patented kits for repair of damage to commercial airline baggage compartment liners that result from routine cargo handling and transporting. FAA regulation 25.855 requires that baggage compartments of all airliners landing at United States airports must be repaired with fire retardant material meeting FAA specifications. The AF 300 Series is an inexpensive and easy to apply self-contained kit that provides the solution to this flammability requirement. 

AF400 Contour Damage Repair Kit

AkroFire offers a full array of cargo repair solutions. From the repair of contoured surfaces in the cargo bay, to the construction of fire retardant composite structures, to repair of fabric soft-liners, we offer an array of versatile, FAA-approved options. Akro repair products utilize a proprietary intumescent polymer, which activates in the event of a fire to form a thick, protective, fire-resistant char. Repairs are durable, with the ability to withstand contact with cargo, moisture and heat.


AF 444 SpeedFill is a two-component, fast cure, fire resistant panel filler useful for potting or repairing a variety of aircraft interior materials.  Completed repairs meet FAR 25.853 - 60 second vertical burn and all Fire, Smoke and Toxicity requirements of ABD 0031, BSS 7238, and BSS 7239.

AF450 Soft Liner Repair

The AF 450 Soft Liner kit is designed to repair damage to soft liners within the cargo compartment of commercial aircraft and specifically soft liners that are qualified to the Boeing Specification BMS 8-343 Type 1.

AF700 Cargo Container Repair

AF700 is a fast and durable ‘peel & stick’ patch system  is used to repair Aluminium Cargo Containers. The AF700 Series patch provide a fast, effective and superior alternative to riveted patch repairs.

AF800 Series Speed Patch

What is the biggest problem resulting from cargo liner damage? For most airlines, it is the time delay waiting for the necessary repairs to be made. Fortunately, there is a fast, permanent repair solution that is fully FAA approved. That solution is Speed Patch and the proof is in the wide acceptance. In fact, Speed Patch is the #1 choice for cargo liner repair around the world. All major U.S. commercial airlines plus international airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Japan Airlines, and others use Speed Patch. The same is true with major shipping companies like Airborne Express and United Parcel Service.