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AF300 Cargo Liner Repair Kit

The AF300 Series are patented kits for repair of damage to commercial airline baggage compartment liners that result from routine cargo handling and transporting. FAA regulation 25.855 requires that baggage compartments of all airliners landing at United States airports must be repaired with fire retardant material meeting FAA specifications. The AF300 Series is an inexpensive and easy to apply self-contained kit that provides the solution to this flammability requirement. 

Product Details

The AF300 Series is available in three convenient sizes. Multiple patches may be lapped together to repair more extensive damage.

 AF300P      4" x 4"   For repair of punctures in cargo liners up to 2-1/8" x 2-1/8" or slits up to 3".
 AF302P   4" x 8"  For repair of L shaped or U shaped tears up to 2" x 6" or slits up to 6".
 AF306P   8" x 8"   For repair of L shaped or U shaped Tears of 6" x 6" of slits up to 8.5".

Product Advantages

Superior Mechanical Properties

This proprietary epoxy formulation mixes easily at room temperature, contains no solvents, and is suitable for high performance bonding applications where the combinations of very fast room temperature cure, low shrinkage and excellent mechanical and electrical properties is coupled with significant fire resistance. The AF300 Series develops strong, tough bonds to metals, phenolic plastics, polyesters, glass and glass fabrics, rubber and other materials.

Convenient Installation

The user has all of the materials required to complete the entire repair on the aircraft. The AF300 Series utilizes an easy to mix adhesive, packaged in a simple two-part, pre-measured bi-pack. No drilling or attachment with blind fasteners is necessary.

Federal Aviation Administration Compliant

Liner repairs with AF300 Series meet all flame-resistance requirements of FAR 25-855, Appendix F, Part III.


AkroFire holds FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) on the AF300 Series Patch Kits, enabling airlines to trace parts back to the original manufacturer.


AF300P Compatible Aircraft

AF302P Compatible Aircraft

AF306P Compatible Aircraft