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AF400 Contour Damage Repair Kit

Cargo repairs, the rest of the solution

AkroFire offers a full array of cargo repair solutions. From the repair of contoured surfaces in the cargo bay, to the construction of fire retardant composite structures, to repair of fabric soft-liners, we offer an array of versatile, FAA-approved options. Akro repair products utilize a proprietary intumescent polymer, which activates in the event of a fire to form a thick, protective, fire-resistant char. Repairs are durable, with the ability to withstand contact with cargo, moisture and heat.

Product Details

AF400 For repair of slits in contoured panels or shroud panels of cargo bays up to 2" wide and of unlimited length.

AF400-S For repair of unlimited size damage to baggage compartment liners, shroud panels and design features, which require repairs to meet current flammability standards of FAR 25.855 (a-1)(1), Appendix F, Part III.

Federal Aviation Administration Compliant

Repairs made with Akro's specialty repair products meet the flame penetration requirements of FAR 25.855 (a-1) (1), Appendix F, Part III. AkroFire holds FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) enabling us to provide airlines with the ability to trace parts back to the original manufacturer.

AF400 Series Repair Systems

AF400 Contour Damage

Superior Mechanical PropertiesAkro's Contour Damage Repair Kit is designed for immediate, on-aircraft repairs of cracks, tears, or perforations in shrouds or other contoured design features in commercial aircraft. It works equally well on flat surfaces and is ideal for reinforcing panel edges with torn rivet holes. The AF400 utilizes a flexible fiberglass patch material combined with Akro's proprietary fire retardant adhesive.

The AF400 repair kit utilizes a room-temperature-curing adhesive, which is 100% solids and contains no VOC's. Akro's proprietary adhesive has excellent mechanical properties. Formulated with exceptional sag resistance, AF400 is neat and ideal for use on vertical or ceiling surfaces. The product develops excellent adhesion to typical aircraft substrates.

Convenient Installation

The user has all the materials required to complete the entire repair on the aircraft, eliminating time consuming searches for needed items. The AF400 utilizes an easy to mix, proprietary adhesive, packaged in a simple two-part, pre-measured pack with a divider bar. No drilling for attachment with blind fasteners is required.

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AF 400-S Shop Adhesive Wet Layup

Akro's AF400-S Shop Adhesive is specifically designed to rebuild damaged cargo liners, shrouds and design features in cargo compartments of commercial aircraft. The AF400-S utilizes Akro's proprietary intumescent polymer in conjunction with airline supplied fiberglass cloth. Repairs are compliant with the fire worthiness standards of FAR 25.855.

Extended Open Time

Intended primarily for shop use, Akro's adhesive provides enough open time for wet lay up, vacuum bagging and other common fabrication techniques.

Several Airline Applications:

Construct Fire Retardant Structures

Airlines use the AF400-S system to construct strong, resilient, and lightweight parts, which are completely self-extinguishing in the event of fire. For example, bumpers for the fore and aft cargo doors of DC10 and MD11 freighters have been replaced with AF400-S laminate constructions.

AF450 Soft Liner

Akro's Soft Liner Repair Kit is designed to repair damage to fabric soft liners within the cargo compartment of commercial aircraft. Damage to soft liners, or zipper liners, is a serious problem for airlines. These liners are expensive to replace and standard cargo repairs for flat cargo liners or other design features, such as Akro's Speed Patch and the AF400 repair kit, do not retain the inherent flexibility of the fabric liner. The AF450 solves this problem with a repair that can be affected either on the aircraft or in the shop while maintaining the desired physical properties of the parent substrate.

Convenient Installation

Conveniently packaged in kit form, the user has all the materials required to complete a repair on the aircraft. The adhesive has been formulated with excellent sag resistance to allow for installation on vertical surfaces on aircraft as well as for a shop repair.


Both the proprietary adhesive and the repair material are selected to maintain the desired level of flexibility associated with soft-liners.

Cost Effective

Replacement of damaged soft-liners can represent a significant cost for airlines. Using the AF450 Soft-Liner Repair Kit will minimize liner replacement costs.